Year after year, we sell Young Life camp as “The Best Week of Your Life.” 

Young Life owns 32 properties around the world that are resorts built with teenagers in mind.  There’s nothing quite like taking a kid on high adventure, leaving the distractions of home behind to clearly consider God’s great pursuit of us and how we want to respond to that. 

SUMMER 2020 Update:

Because we care deeply about safety and excellence, Young Life has determined that we will not be able to do any of our summer camp trips across all of our ministries here in the US. We feel pretty bummed about it and imagine your camper might too.


However, since our traditional summer camp plans have changed, we are in the works of planning for what we can do here in town and potentially create some more local overnight experiences in smaller groups. We will certainly do our best to communicate our summer plans thru our various communication channels. 


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at: