Who We Are

Young Life is a group of caring adults who go where kids are, win the right to be heard and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them.



Young Life started in 1941 when a young seminarian, Jim Rayburn, started a chapter of Young Life in Gainesville, Texas, a small town 75 miles to the north of Dallas. After exploring several possibilities, Jim decided that the best setting for the proclamation of the Gospel was at a Young Life club, held in the home of one of the kids. Club involved lively singing, a skit and a short talk about Jesus Christ. Jim believed that every kid had the right to hear the message of Jesus Christ and decide how to respond to the Gospel.



Young Life as a mission is still committed to incarnational witness: embodying and expressing the love of Christ through relationships with all kinds of kids. WyldLife is our outreach to middle school kids, Young Life for those in their high school years, and Young Life College is our program for college and university students. In addition, we have ministry for teen moms called Young Lives and ministry for kids with disabilities called Capernaum. Young Life also reaches military teens through a program called Club Beyond, the Small Towns/Rural initiative brings Young Life to communities of fewer than 25,000 people, and Amicus is Young Life’s student exchange and hosting program for international kids.


Young Life in Montgomery County started in 1990 at the then McCullough High School and since then has grown to include ministry at many high schools throughout the area over the years, but currently has active ministry at College Park HS, Oak Ridge HS, The Woodlands HS, as well as WyldLife for Knox & McCullough junior highs.  We have a YoungLives club open to teenage girls throughout the county.  


If you asked us what we would say about Young Life here in Montgomery County, we'd say we're about crazy fun, authentic relationships, and telling the story of Jesus simply.


Every local YL area has a committee of adults who believe in the mission of Young Life and desire more teenagers to know Christ.

The SoMoCo Committee, comprised of parents, Young Life alumni, and community leaders, provide a foundation of financial & administrative support as well as general accountability for the local Young Life team.


If you are interested in joining the SoMoCo Committee, contact us at mocoyounglife@gmail.com.



2019-2020 Committee:

Mike & Bethany Anderson*

Mike & Kirsten Arendes

Bill & Heidi Espegren

Luke & Ashley Frey

Natalie & Kurt Leslie

Ken & Amy Martin

Brett & Erica Steil

Brett & Christy Tracy
*Committee Chairs

Staff & Ministry Leaders

Catherine Powell Area Director and Oak Ridge HS

Paige Shaver Direct Ministry, The Woodlands HS

Clark Lanier Staff Associate, College Park HS

Kele Pandolfe YoungLives Coordinator

Meagan Peters Area Administrator